Warpsys is the name of a catalog full of software that's built in, and ready to use in, Warpforge.

The Warpsys catalog and its contents are considered part of the ecosystem of Warpforge, and not an integral part of it, because you can use the software in the Warpsys catalog without using Warpforge, and you can use Warpforge without using any references to the Warpsys catalog. Many of the same people are involved in contributing to and maintaining both projects, though.

Seeing Warpsys

The Warpsys catalog is visible in a couple different ways:

Contributing to Warpsys

We're happy to have more people working on contributing packages to the Warpsys collection!

Right now the way to do that is simply joining the community chat, and making pull requests to warpsys source repo.

Conventions within Warpsys

Warpsys module, release, and item naming

The Warpsys catalog attempts to be a good example of the recommended Catalog naming conventions.

Warpsys uses Zapps

The Warpsys catalog packages most software as Zapps.

Some software is also packaged as statically linked, where that seemed appropriate.

The item label or metadata in the catalog should indicate which packages are which.