CLI Overview

This page is in need of a refresh.

Our future aim for this sector of documentation is to mirror these online docs with what's available in the warpforge CLI, and ensure both of those are sufficiently complete and robust to help you find what you need, either online or offline.


For contributors: has some pretty good recommendations about CLI UX goals.

Command list

This page is just a quick list of every command we've thought we'll need, so we can look for consistent patterns.

Not all of these are currently implemented! (We wanted to look forward to functionality we anticipate building, in order find naming patterns that will stay firm during growth

Existing commands


Execution commands can do fileset mutations. These mutations may have records, caches, and memoizations stored in a workspace.


These commands work on wares and warehouses. A default warehouse may be provided by a workspace.


commands that work without a workspace

commands that require a local workspace

commands that can operate without a local workspace, but will interact with the root workspace