Demo videos

Here’s some nice videos of warpforge doing its thing:

You can also find lots of complete examples in the examples directory of the project repo — check ‘em out!

Real world software

You can find usable demos of some much less trivial software, built entirely using the Warpsys packaging style (e.g., completely self-contained portable bundles, using the Warpsys Dynamic Library Linking Strategy, etc), released in .

For example, you can find packages of software such as Bash, Python, Emacs, Helix, and many more there.

We don’t have recordings of these at present, but you can try it for yourself easily :)

Real Catalogs

The public catalog we maintain — and the one warpforge will fetch by default - is on github

This is rendered as navigable HTML. Check out our live demo.

Real Workspaces

The scripts that build the stuff in the public catalog are all here:

These are a “workspace” (there’s lots of “modules” in there).

These modules in this workspace are what produces all the stuff in the Catalog described above.

Talks and Presentations


Warpforge was presented at GPN20 (which is in 2022) in the talk "Build Anything with Warpforge -- Reproducibly, Decentralized, With Friends".

The recording is here:

The slides can be found here:

IPFSCamp 2022

"Warpforge — Hashes go in, hashes come out, exec in the middle!"" was presented at IPFSCamp 2022:


HIP 2022

Recording not yet available :)