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Project Code Repositories

You've probably already seen the repo link:

And the Warptools org on github overall contains Warpforge and related tools and repo:


There are also repos for the default catalog of releases, and for the scripts that made them:

Github issues are fine. PRs are welcome too (although you probably want to discuss the plan first in either chat or issues, before writing a ton of code).

You'll have to use your best judgement for which repo to open issues on. If in doubt, on warpforge is probably the best default choice. (Or, ask in chat, and see if someone can give you a pointer!)

Editing the Website

You can join us in editing things here our website, too!

The whole website exists on github, so create a PR if you've made changes, or if there's something you think is missing you can create an issue and we'll check it out.

The Contributor's Guide

...has it's own page!

The Contributor's Guide


If you're a user of Warpforge at all, you're part of the community!

Let us know if you've used Warpforge to build stuff, or if you have release catalogs you'd like to share more broadly!

We'd be happy to link to what you've built, so other people can see it, enjoy it, and riff off your success.

We're also quite happy to start accepting release and replay data into the catalog we're maintaining. (Automation for this might not be quite here yet, but nonetheless!)


Hello, oldschool friend!

We don't have a mailing list. (Yet?)

[email protected] is most definitely going to get you a human being, though.