Talks, Presentations, and Media

Warpforge -- at NDC Oslo 2023

Warpforge was presented at NDC Oslo in a full-scale talk, covering all of: motivations, technology, future roadmap, and comparisons to other projects. If you're looking for a deep dive, look no further!

Build Anything with Warpforge -- at GPN2022

Warpforge was presented at GPN20 (which is in 2022) in the talk "Build Anything with Warpforge -- Reproducibly, Decentralized, With Friends".

Warpforge -- at IPFSCamp 2022

"Warpforge — Hashes go in, hashes come out, exec in the middle!"" was presented at IPFSCamp 2022:

Zapps — A new standard for go-anywhere linux executables -- at IPFSCamp 2022

"Zapps — A new standard for go-anywhere linux executables"" was presented at IPFSCamp 2022... This includes live demos!

Breaking down barriers to collaborative software communities with Warpforge and Zapps -- at HIP 2022

Recording not yet available :)


Here are some older talks and recordings that, while they do not directly cover the Warpforge project (and often predate it), provide more about our take on software packaging, and show some of the journey taken on the way to discovering how we now approach Warpforge and the creation of this ecosystem:

Solving the distributed naming problem in package management -- at IPFS Camp 2019

This very brief talk covers problems from a very meta level, and discusses how merkle trees may be part of the solution to decentralized package management.

Path-agnostic binaries, co-installable libraries, and How To Have Nice Things -- at All Systems Go 2018

This talk is fairly heavy on technical details: it talks about binaries, dynamic linking strategies, and system design. It's a precursor to what you may now recognize as Zapps!

Containers: What Did We Learn? -- at All Systems Go 2017

This talk discusses the evolution of container systems, the user experience around them, and the need for rethinking our designs thereabouts. Though this is now considerably dated, it's likely you can see the outline of the ideas and the fundamental motivations that lead to Warpforge.