In superbrief:

  1. Content — filesystems, and their hashes.
  2. Execution — hashes go in, something is exec’d, hashes come out.
  3. Plans — multiple steps of execution are described in advance.
  4. Intentions — a templating system can crank out plans.

L0: Content

L1: Hashed / Crystallized / Executable

L2: Flattened / Resolved

L3: Intentional

Tool editing

for dependency update propagation

... This is mostly averted.

The candidate system addresses it.

And even if we didn't have the candidate system, it's still point mutations. Not super systemically concerning.

If we support passing down bundles of inputs, then this might get a tad more interesting.

for proglang depman integrations

This is the scary one, because it's a very very present practical concern, and it kinda looks like if handled incorrectly, it's going to produce an edit loop that results in blurry authorship lines within a single document.